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The Memorial Day Eats!

A-1 Sauce Turkey Cheeseburger with Mango salsa and Cheese Fries!!

Check out this perfect Memorial Day Burger!

Patty- Grilled the patty on your outdoor or indoor grill. The indoor grill is just as good and tasty as the outdoor grill. I like my patties well done, so I grilled my patty on each side for about 5 minutes. Please feel free to grill your patty as you like but not too long as you will also put them into the oven. Make sure not to cook your patty for too long if you are a well-done person like me. You don't want your patty drying out.

Sauce for Patty- 1 cup of A1 steak sauce, tablespoon of butter, teaspoon of worecestershire, and pinch of nutmeg. Heat all the ingredients in the microwave for 5 seconds or until butter melts. Once the butter melts use a spoon or brush and brush the sauce on top of the patty, depending on how much sauce you like, you can put sauce on both sides of burger or just pour the sauce mix over the patty. Cook the patty in the over for about 3 minutes or until the patty is glazed in the sauce.

Seasoned Fries- The seasoned French fries are store bought fries I bought. I added a little sprinkle of garlic powdered and topped it off with some cheese.

The Mango Peach salsa was store bought but stay tune to me making my own mando peach salsa.

Chow for now!

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