Birthday Cake Shots

Updated: Apr 2

Section 1:

Depending on how much alcohol you like, you can also eye-ball the measurements. This drink is a sweet drink. I also crushed up the candy sprinkles a little in the blender.

  • Vanilla frosting

  • Candy sprinkles

  • 1 oz of cake vodka (regular vodka is ok)

  • 1 oz of Baileys strawberries and cream liqueur

Section 2:

  1. Pour vodka, strawberries and cream liqueur into shaker. Mix ingredients thoroughly. Now, please note that I had my shot glasses in the freezer chilling for about an hour for glasses to be chilled.

  2. Take each shot glass and rim the top with vanilla frosting. Repeat the same steps with the sprinkles.

  3. Pour drink mixture into shot glasses and ENJOY!!

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